Jun 01 2018

Printed graphics from The Window Film Company are used in an ever increasing range of situations and locations and a recent project provided the perfect illustration of how graphics can be put to creative use.

The Window Film Company was contacted by a Housing Association who were dealing with a vacant property. To protect the home from vandals or illegal occupation, locked grills were placed on the doors and windows. While this provided an effective deterrent, the grills were unsightly. On behalf of the neighbours, the Housing Association came up with a plan to make the locked windows and doors more aesthetically pleasing.

The idea was to print images of clean new windows and doors onto a film that could then be placed over the grills – immediately giving the property a more pleasing appearance. It was agreed that the film used would be a vinyl; the tough and hard wearing nature of the film making it suitable for external application, while also providing the perfect surface on which to create a flawless reproduction of the images.

The graphics were supplied by the Housing Association along with the sizes of the doors and windows, allowing The Window Film Company’s in house graphics and print team to print each panel to the correct dimensions before being installed by a team of expert fitters.

Once installed, the house took on an immediately improved appearance, providing a better view and more enjoyable environment for the neighbours until the premises was taken over by the new inhabitants.

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