Mar 29 2018

The Window Film Company has alleviated heat and glare issues at an Oxfordshire health centre with the installation of three different types of high performance window film.

The Bicester based centre contacted The Window Film Company, seeking a solution for three areas of the premises; the entrance porch, the roof lights and the side windows. In total over 100 panes of glass needed treating to prevent the continued build-up of heat and constant glare, with both issues combining to create an uncomfortable internal environment for visitors and staff.

For the roof lights, of which there were 84, The Window Film Company installed Low-E Silver, a high performance product that combats heat and glare while also serving to retain a level of heat during colder periods. The film is reflective in appearance, with the mirrored finish delivering the solar control. The film works by reflecting away the suns energy before it can pass through the glass, making it a far more efficient solution than blinds, which also block the view and the light. Window film maintains both.

The porch area was treated with Low Reflective Silver, a specialist solar control product, delivered specifically to deliver a less reflective exterior appearance. As with the Low-E product, the film works by reflecting away solar energy and filtering out the harshest of the sunlight, while still allowing a view from the inside out and without sacrificing the welcome natural daylight.

The final aspect of the project involved the more standard side windows. These were filmed with High Reflective Silver, one of the most popular heat reduction products in The Window Film Company’s range. Once installed, the film rejects up to 77% of solar energy, while also reducing glare by up to 81%. An added benefit that all three films have in common is that they also serve to protect against fading by blocking 99% of the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays.

With the project complete, the film was effective immediately, ensuring a comfortable internal temperature and protection from glare, complete with a stylish and contemporary external appearance. This was all achieved without sacrificing natural light or blocking the view.

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