Nov 16 2018

The Window Film Company is about more than just window film. By offering a full suite of functional and decorative products, it’s possible for us to transform an entire space quickly and cost effectively. This London office is a prime example, with digital wallpaper, coloured manifestation and cut graphics applied to glass and walls to deliver a stylish, fully branded new look.

The office, the UK base for a global education recruitment specialist, had a threefold requirement:

1)      Manifestation
2)      Decoration for walls
3)      Branded privacy for glass

Manifestation is required by law on glass of a certain size; usually floor to ceiling panes such as glass doors or partitions, with the markings designed to make the glass clearly visible. These safety markings should appear at specific heights and must be of a minimum size, but apart from this can take on almost any appearance. On this occasion the client identified a manifestation requirement as an opportunity to add branding elements to the glass, in the form of a logo and bands of film featuring colours from the company palette.

For the wall décor, a repeated pattern (another part of the company branding) was to be replicated on both sides of a solid dividing wall. To achieve this, The Window Film Company printed and installed digital wallpaper, a versatile and durable product that can be applied to almost any flat surface. The paste free application process makes installing a more straightforward procedure and means that it can be used to add a new look to historically neglected surfaces such as doors or storage units.

The final aspect of the project was the application of Frostbrite frosted window film to several panes to deliver a partial privacy solution. Once applied, Frostbrite window film gives glazing the appearance of acid etched glass, providing privacy without sacrificing natural light. The film was given a custom design element by computer cutting the company name from the frosted film.

Each element of this project was printed, cut and checked by The Window Film Company’s in-house graphics and print department, before being installed by a team of our fully qualified and very experienced fitters.

The completion of the project saw the office completely transformed to feature eye-catching design, colour and stylish brand elements, creating an impressive and welcoming impression for visitors and an inspirational and comfortable environment for the staff working at the building.

For more information on how The Window Film Company can help ensure a similar transformation for your office, shop or workspace, please call a member of the team on 01494 794477 or email