Apr 12 2019

Wall graphics and digital wallpaper to create inspiration and add style

Getting the look and feel of a workspace right is vital. Creating a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere is important for productivity and morale, while a smart and stylish appearance plays a key part in portraying the correct image to customers and visitors. For this project in Sheffield, The Window Film Company utilised a number of materials and techniques to deliver a stunning look throughout.

The decorative theme for this large office was based on the stunning local scenery. A number of beautiful images, included panoramic views of Winnats Pass and Mam Tor, were chosen with the requirement being their reproduction in large scale and applied across a number of internal walls. In addition, a stylish relief map of he local area was also to be printed and installed.

To deliver this part of the project it was agreed that digital wallpaper was the most effective solution. Starting life as a plain product, this durable wallpaper can be printed by wide format printer to deliver picture perfect, full colour graphics that can then be applied to almost any flat, internal surface. The imagery was printed across a number of large panels, each over 2 metres in height, with The Window Film Company’s in-house print and graphics team carefully preparing each panel so the image flowed seamlessly from piece to piece.

In addition to the large format imagery, there was also a requirement for room identification signage. Six separate pieces of text were required, each indicating the name or location of rooms in the facility. These were created by computer cutting individual letters from a black vinyl, delivering a sleek and stylish yet clearly distinguishable appearance.

Also required as part of this extensive office fit out project were manifestation markings for a number of glass partitions. These markings are necessary to make large panels of glass clearly visible, in turn serving to avoid accidents. Building regulations dictate that such markings must be preset at two specific heights on glass over a certain size, with the markings providing a contrast between the glass and the background. The client opted for two rows of dots, perfectly cut from Frostbrite frosted window film to deliver on this part of the work, with two rows of manifestation markings applied to the appropriate glazing.

The final aspect of the project was a privacy solution. There were two areas of the premises that required privacy, with two different options used. The first was an application of Frostbrite frosted window film. Once applied, this film gives glass the classic and stylish appearance of acid etched of sandblasted glass, blocking the view from both sides of the glazing without sacrificing natural light. This film was applied to the internal face of the glass, but a second area required an external installation (fitting to the inside of the glass was not possible). For this portion of the job, an external grade vinyl film was used, this time a solid white colour that would block both the view and the light, delivering total privacy and a clean, smart look for the glass.

All of the film for this multi-facetted project was created and prepared by The Window Film Company’s in-house print and graphics team, before being installed by a team of our fully qualified and hugely experienced fitting teams.

The end result was a welcoming, stylish, professional and impressive look throughout the workspace, with the local landscape providing the inspiration behind the interior scheme.

For more details on how The Window Film Company can help with your office refurbishment, fit-out or branding project, please contact a member of the team on 01494 794477 or email info@windowfilm.co.uk.