Feb 22 2019

Specialist security and safety window film installation

Glass is a potentially fragile material which left untreated can be at risk of breaking. In the event of accidental or malicious damage, one of the primary concerns is that broken glass can quickly become incredibly dangerous. An application of specialist window film from The Window Film Company can alleviate this risk.

Modern homes continue to use a lot of glass, and while it’s easy to understand why (a light and bright internal environment, unobstructed views) – large glass panels can cause potential issues. As well as concerns about breakage and subsequent safety, windows can be viewed as a security weak spot. Intruders can target glass, hoping to break windows to gain unlawful entry to a property. A homeowner in London contacted The Window Film Company for a solution to both potential issues.

Security window film is traditionally clear in appearance, while it is available in different thicknesses for differing levels of performance. Regardless of the product chosen, the film ultimately works in the same way. The safety aspect is delivered by holding the glass together in the event of the glass breaking. When untreated glazing breaks, it can fracture into sharp shards, in turn creating a serious threat to safety. Window film will serve to hold the glass together in the event of breakage, preventing it from falling in on itself and separating into sharp, dangerous shards.

The film provides a security function in the same way. An application of window film will make the glass more resistant to breaking, but in the event of the glass giving way under malicious attack, the film will hold the broken glass together in the frame, making it considerably more difficult to gain unlawful access.

For this project it was agreed that 175 Micron Safety Film was the most appropriate choice. The clear film was applied to 21 large panes of glass throughout the property, with the film being applied to the internal face of the glass. The film was installed by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced fitting teams, who delivered a flawless finish with the minimum of fuss.

The completed project resulted in no visible change to the appearance of the glass, while delivering an immediately effective safety and security solution.

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