Jan 04 2019

Stained glass effect window film installed on to large glass windows

One of the great things about window film is the versatility it provides. In addition to solutions for solar control, privacy and safety, The Window Film Company is also able to deliver stunning full colour printed graphics. This project provides a perfect showcase, with the stunning artwork of Martin Cottam reproduced and installed at a Guildford church.

The project came about as the church sought a way to make the most of a large expanse of glazing. It was agreed that the desired result would be an eye-catching display; adding an extra dimension to the premises, delivering vivid colour and a stylish, welcoming new look.

The next step was to create the artwork and this is where the brilliant Martin Cottam (find out more about Martin at came in. A hugely talented and experienced illustrator, Martin was chosen as a result of his previous stained glass effect designs, with the thinking being that a similar design would be a perfect fit for the church. Martin was provided with the dimensions of the windows and briefed to provide a set of bespoke graphics suitable for the surroundings.

At this stage, The Window Film Company was contacted to deliver the mechanics of transforming the artwork into something that could be applied to the glazing. After getting a full understanding of what was required, namely a solution that would deliver a vibrant display without sacrificing natural light, it was agreed that the bespoke graphics would be printed onto optically clear window film.

Optically clear window film is the ideal product for recreating full colour print. As the name suggests, the film starts life completely see through, allowing for the reproduction of graphics and designs, no matter how complicated or intricate. Having received the artwork, The Window Film Company’s dedicated print department decided that it would be sensible to print the graphics using a “double strike” method – effectively printing the imagery twice to deliver the most vibrant finish possible.

A total of six panels were printed, each over 2 metres in height and each featuring full printed coverage. These were then installed to the internal face of the glass by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified fitters.

The end result was an extraordinary transformation from a standard row of windows to a beautiful, one-off, inspirational display, completely altering the look and feel of the space and delivering an appearance that is as welcoming as it is impressive.

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