Jun 28 2019

Using window film can help reduce heat and glare build up in your home.

Warmer temperatures have well and truly arrived, with stunning summer days forecast throughout the UK. While the glorious weather is welcome for most, it can make it harder to keep your conservatory or home at a moderate, enjoyable temperature. If that sounds like a familiar problem to you, then solar control window film could well be the answer you’ve been waiting for…

During longer, warmer days, sunlight streams untreated into your home or conservatory, steadily adding to the temperature until all too often, it becomes uncomfortable. Once a room overheats, it is very difficult to moderate the temperature – closing blinds or curtains simply traps existing heat (not to mention blocking the view and light) and does little to stop additional heat entering the room.

Opening windows may help if there is a breeze, but again, will do little to ensure a usable environment, especially in conservatories where there is a large quantity of glazing and limited opportunity for opening windows.

The alternative is easy to install, cost efficient and immediately effective. The alternative is solar control window film from The Window Film Company.

Solar control window film is available in a range of different grades and finishes, but works on the same essential principal. During daylight hours, the exterior face of the window film takes on a reflective appearance. It’s this reflective effect that serves to effectively bounce away a percentage of the sun’s solar energy before it can enter your property, preventing the steady build up of heat and ensuring a more comfortable internal temperature.

Once applied, the film won’t stop all the heat so won’t make the inside feel cold, instead serving to reject a percentage of the sun’s solar energy, cutting down on unwanted, excess heat.

One of the key benefits of glazing, especially during the summer months, is the natural light that floods homes and conservatories, as well as the view to the exterior. Solar control window film has been developed to be effective without negatively impacting on either of these benefits.

Where possible, solar control window film is applied to the internal face of glass, with the installation process a straightforward one. All of the solar control window films used by The Window Film Company are available to buy for DIY installation via our website, while our teams of fully qualified and vastly experienced fitting teams are on hand to deliver an immaculate installation wherever you are in the country.

Here at The Window Film Company we sincerely hope you are enjoying the summer so far and the warm weather that has arrived with it. If not, then please do get in touch for more details, samples or a quote for the fitting of solar control window film. You should be enjoying the summer, not enduring it.

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