Mar 01 2019

Temperature control and heat reduction reflective gold window film

Maintaining a moderate internal temperature is an essential part of ensuring comfort for those inside. Whether it be at home, in the office or a public space, no-one enjoys inhabiting a space that’s too hot. This is particular true in premises with lots of windows and large numbers of people inside; like schools. The Window Film Company was engaged to deliver a heat reduction solution for a school in Birmingham.

The primary school has a capacity for 418 pupils, with ages ranging from 3-11. The pupils are educated in a number of buildings throughout the complex, with the majority of the structures home to a large number of windows. It was the large quantity of glass that was leading to the school overheating during spells of good weather. Left unchecked, sunlight will stream through glass, steadily raising the internal temperature until it becomes uncomfortable and unconducive to effective studying and learning.

Shutting curtains and blinds is a problematic way of attempting to reduce solar gain. Both options block natural light and the view, again adding to a less than ideal learning environment, while the fact they are set back from the glass also means that they aren’t a solar control solution. Unlike these methods, window film is applied to the internal face of the glass and works by reflecting away a percentage of the sun’s solar energy before it can enter the room.

Solar control window film is available in a range of finishes and for his project it was agreed that High Reflective Gold would be the best performing and suitable aesthetic fit.

The film offers solar energy rejection of up to 80%, while once installed the film will also reduce glare by up to 85%. Combined, this performance makes for a vastly improved internal environment, making it far more comfortable for both pupils and teachers.

The film was applied to over 3330 individual panes of differing sizes by aa team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and experienced fitting teams, who carried out the project during Half Term to ensure there was no disruption to the pupils.

Once complete, the film provided the external face of the glass with a stylish gold appearance, in keeping with the design of the school buildings. Inside, the view to the exterior was maintained with excellent levels of natural light allowed to pass though the glass while the film prevents the build up of excess heat while also cutting down on glare.

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