Nov 15 2019

Application of external grade solar control film in Sussex

By removing old, ineffective film and replacing it with high performance, external grade solar control film, The Window Film Company has ensured a large Sussex based premises will no longer suffer from excess heat or glare.

The Window Film Company was contacted by an aviation company, whose large premises were suffering from overheating. The primary cause was a series of large skylights, set in the roof of the premises. The benefits of large expanses of glazing are clear; they allow for excellent levels of natural light, as well as a view to the outside. However, they can also lead to unwelcome issues, resulting in an uncomfortable internal environment.

One of the most common problems caused by large windows, especially rooflights, is the rapid build up of excess heat. If windows are left untreated, solar energy can stream through the glass, steadily raising the internal temperature. On warm days the temperature can rise very quickly, in turn making it uncomfortable inside. An application of solar control window film will help.

Available in a range of different finishes, the film is applied directly to the surface of the glass. The majority of solar control films have a mirrored appearance, and it’s the reflective properties of the film that serve to bounce away a percentage of the sun’s energy before it can pass through the glass and into the property. An application of film doesn’t make it unduly cold, instead preventing the build up of excess heat while still allowing a moderate and enjoyable about of solar energy to pass through the glass.

The property in question had previously applied film to the external face of the rooflights, but this had exceeded its effective life and had to be removed and replaced. To ensure a longer lasting and more effective solution, The Window Film Company recommended the use of a specialist external film; external grade High Reflective Silver. Once installed, the film gives the external face of the glass a sleek and stylish silver appearance, delivering effective solar control while also allowing excellent natural light transmission and a view form the inside out during daylight hours.

With the film choice agreed, the logistics were planned by The Window Film Company’s dedicated Operations team, ensuring that everything was in place to carry out a safe and efficient installation on the roof of the property.

The project was completed by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced installers, who stripped the existing film before applying the new solar control film to the surface of 19 large panels. Once installed, the film was effective immediately, not just serving to protect against excess heat, but also reducing glare and blocking 99% of the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays (UV rays are the biggest contributing factor to fading).

For more information about the solar control solutions supplied and installed by The Window Film Company, for samples or a no obligation quote, please contact a member of our expert team by calling 01494 794477 or email info@windowfilm.co.uk.