Feb 29 2020

The Window Film Company has printed and installed graphics for a TV studio ahead of a broadcast with an incredible London backdrop.

Printed Graphics can be created in a number of ways, delivering eye-catching, impressive and professional looking solutions for a host of situations. This particular job required the creation of application and installation of temporary graphics for use in a TV studio with a quite extraordinary view of London.

The graphics were required to show the name of the broadcast without blocking the fabulous view of London that included the River Thames, Tower Bridge and City Hall. The client was able to provide the graphics, primarily comprising text, which allowed The Window Film Company to assess what was required and to suggest the appropriate solution.


It was agreed that the graphics would be created using optically clear window film. The nature of the film means that once printed onto, it’s only the printed area that is visible – the rest of the film is left clear and is undetectable to the naked eye (and in this case, TV cameras). The end result is the appearance of cut graphics, with the design and text clearly visible without obstructing the view through the glass – an incredible shot of London’s iconic skyline.

Three large panels of graphics were required, each over 2 metres in height and each printed and prepared by The Window Film Company’s in-house print and graphics team. The optically clear film was printed onto using state of the art print technology, delivering a prefect, crisp reproduction of the graphics. Each panel was then finished and checked by hand, ensuring each piece of film was absolutely perfect and ready for installation.

With the broadcast at a specific time and access to the studio only possible for a short window of time, organizing the installation time was of paramount importance, with the logistics surrounding this handled by The Window Film Company’s dedicated operations team. The work was then undertaken by a team of fully qualified and vastly experienced installers, fitting the film to deliver a perfect finish ahead of the broadcast.

The end result was a transformation of the studio to feature branded elements and text that would be clearly visible in the broadcast without blocking the astonishing view through the glazing.

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