Jan 24 2020

Printed graphics for glass partitions and cut vinyl for glazing as part of an office fit-out project in London.

Window film from The Window Film Company can be used to deliver a range of striking effects, suitable for use in a range of locations and situations. This project involved the creation of two types of graphics, one by printing, the other by precision cutting.

The Window Film Company was engaged by a specialist interiors company to provide a solution to two separate decorative and functional requirements. Both sets of graphics were to be applied to glass partitions to meet manifestation requirements, an addition to glass that is necessary as part of building regulations.

Simply put, manifestation markings are required on glass of a certain height (usually floor to ceiling glazing and glass doors) to ensure that the glass is easily visible to the naked eye. Manifestation legislation means that the markings should be present at two specific locations on the glass, must provide a clear contrast between the glazing and the background, and must be of a minimum size. You can find out more information about manifestation legislation on our dedicated page, but while the requirements sound restrictive, they actually provide an opportunity to create a stylish addition to glass.

The first part of the project required the creation and installation of graphics that would meet manifestation requirements, deliver an element of privacy and finally – provide a stylish new look for a number of glass partitions. The privacy was required as the partitions formed a number of meeting rooms, and to deliver a finish in keeping with the rest of the sleekly designed office, it was decided that the design should feature a frosted effect, coupled with a striking solid black colour.

It was agreed that the best way of achieving the desired appearance would be to print the design on optically clear window film; a high performance product that is clear until printed upon, allowing for the creation of precision designs and giving the impression of cut graphics. The client was able to supply the desired design, allowing The Window Film Company’s in-house print and graphics team to work on creating the eact look required by the client. Different opacities of frost effect were created and shared with the client until the perfect finish was achieved, allowing the graphics to be printed using state of the art wide format print equipment at The Window Film Company’s Buckinghamshire HQ.

The second set of graphics were needed to meet manifestation needs and to give a run of glazing the appearance of industrial style, warehouse-esque windows; a style that is currently incredibly popular. The film was required to transform the panels from large single panes into what looked like a number of different, smaller panes. It was agreed that this would be done by applying cut black vinyl to the glass, the solid colour film serving to provide the appearance of a frame. Using dimensions supplied by the client, the film was precision cut using computer cutting equipment, creating a large vinyl framework that could be applied to the glass in as few sections as possible, in turn resulting in as few joins as possible.

Both parts of the project were installed by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and experienced fitting teams, with the work taking place on a date agreed between the client and The Window Film Company’s dedicated operations team. The finished project left the glazing meeting manifestation requirements, delivering the necessary privacy and looking sleek and stylish; part of a professional and impressive internal appearance.

For more information on the manifestation, privacy and printed graphics solution printed, supplied and installed by The Window Film Company, please contact a member of the team by calling 01494 794477 or email