Jun 26 2020

While it can be particularly prevalent and noticeable during periods of warmer weather, glare can be a year round problem, creating an uncomfortable internal environment. Window film from The Window Film Company provides a cost efficient, effective and aesthetically stylish solution.

The Window Film Company was contacted by a hair salon in North London for help with an ongoing glare issue. The property benefits from a stylish glass frontage, with floor to ceiling glazing giving the premises a contemporary, professional look while also allowing excellent levels of natural light to illuminate the salon. However, the large glass panes also meant that bright sunlight was often making it uncomfortable for those inside.

Glare can be a serious issue in a number of settings; whether you are at home and struggling to focus on a book or screen, or in the workplace with bright sunlight making it difficult to focus on colleagues or customers. All too often people are forced to rely on standard methods of reducing glare, closing blinds or curtains to block the light. While these methods are clearly effective, they also block natural light and the view.

The Window Film Company supplies and installs specialist window films that will reduce the glare without sacrificing natural light and blocking the view - vital considerations for commercial premises such as this popular salon. The window film is applied to the internal face of the glass, this delivers the longest possible useful life and can be removed at any time if the glass needs to be returned to its original state.

Once in place, the film serves to filter out the harshest of the light, ensuring a comfortable and well lit atmosphere and ambience. The film also delivers a number of other benefits, including fade protection and heat reduction. Most window films from The Window Film Company will block up to 99% of the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays - one of the main causes of fading. By filtering this light, the window film will help to slow down the fading process, serving to protect flooring, upholstery and equipment.

Glare reduction window film will also help prevent the build up of excess heat, bouncing away a percentage of the sun’s solar energy before it can pass through glass and add to the internal temperature. This means that on hot days, it’s possible to enjoy the weather without having to block up windows with curtains or blinds, or relying on expensive and environmentally damaging air conditioning systems.

This project required the fitting of film to over 20 square metres of glass, with the work carried out flawlessly and with the minimum of fuss by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced installers.

If you require a solution to glare, solar control or UV reduction, please contact a member of our team for more details, samples and a quote. Having been founded in 1998, the Window Film Company has extensive experience in recommending the right film for every situation. You can call us on 01494 794477 or email