Mar 20 2020

Solar control window film is a cost efficient and highly effective way of helping deliver an enjoyable internal temperature all year round, also delivering a stylish aesthetic finish and a number of additional year-round benefits.

The Window Film Company has completed an application of high-performance solar control, heat reduction window film at a residential property in Leicester, applying film to a number of large windows to deliver an immediately effective solution.


With the days starting to get longer, spring firmly on the horizon and the weather improving, the internal temperature of homes and offices is once again coming into focus. Properties with numerous or large windows can quickly overheat, with solar energy passing through the glazing unchecked, adding to the heat levels inside. This can lead to the use of expensive solutions such as air conditioning or more traditional methods such as closing curtains or blinds – both of which block both the view and natural light.

This modern property benefits from a swathe of large glazing at the front of the residence, delivering a sleek appearance and excellent levels of natural light. An unwanted side effect however was the internal temperature; it would rise rapidly on sunny days, and therefore a solution was sought via The Window Film Company.

Having assessed the situation a dedicated Account Manager was able to recommend High Reflective Silver as the most suitable product for the project. Once applied, the film gives the external face of the glazing a silver, mirrored appearance that serves to reflect or bounce away a percentage of the sun’s solar energy, preventing from passing through the glass and adding to the temperature inside the house.

This high-performance window film also delivers additional benefits, serving to reduce glare and also filter out the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays – the most significant contributing factor to fading. These benefits are all achieved and delivered without sacrificing high levels of natural light, or blocking the view from the inside out (unlike curtains or blinds) – during daylight hours the view from the outside in is blocked by the reflective effect, while the view from the inside out is maintained.

The film was installed to the internal face of the glass by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced fitting teams, with the film effective as soon as it was in place.

For more information on how The Window Film Company can help you with window film solutions for excess heat, glare, fade protection or a host of other issues such as privacy, safety and security, please contact a member of the team by calling 01494 794477 or email