May 22 2020

The warmer weather is nearly always welcome. Longer days, hours of natural light and a higher temperature all combine to lift the spirits. However, prolonged periods of heat can make the internal environment more difficult to enjoy, tasing the heat levels in homes, conservatories, and workplaces. 

Solar control from The Window Film Company provides an effective and affordable solution. 

Advances in window film technology mean there are now more choices than ever, with consideration given to aesthetic appearance as well as performance, providing long lasting heat reduction solutions for both home and the workplace.

In layman’s terms, the film works by bouncing away a percentage of the sun’s energy before it can pass through glass and add to the internal temperature. This makes it more effective than more traditional methods such as blinds or curtains, both of which are set back from the glazing and therefore simply serve to trap heat inside. Shutting curtains and blinds also blocks the view and precious natural light - two of the benefits of nice weather - while solar control window film will reduce heat but do so without sacrificing the view from the inside out or high levels of  blocking natural light.

While the films vary in appearance, they all have a reflective external appearance in common. This exact finish will depend on the film chosen, but it’s the reflective element of the film that makes it effective, serving to reflect away a percentage (how much depends on the type of film) of solar energy.

While the films will preserve natural light and the view from the inside out, it’s also important to understand that while the films will reduce excess heat, they won’t make the inside feel cold. On a warm day you will still benefit from a pleasant temperature, the film will simply help prevent the temperature from raising to uncomfortable, sometimes intolerable levels.

The film is usually installed to the interior side of the glass as this delivers the longest possible effective life, while external grade films are available if an application inside isn’t possible. In terms of installing, every solar control window film from The Window Film Company is available on a DIY basis for installing to your own glass. The process is straightforward, with full fitting instructions supplied with each order and a requirement for nothing more than a few standard household items.

The Window Film Company also offers a full installation service, with all fitting undertaken following strict guidelines to ensure all considerations regarding COVID-19 are fully met; the safety of our colleagues and customers are a priority at all times.

For full details of the solar control options available on a DIY or fully installed basis from The Window Film Company, please call one of our experts on 01494 794477 or email info@windowfilm.co.uk.