Apr 23 2021

The Window Film Company has completed an extensive installation of specialist anti-graffiti window film at three busy rail stations in London.

As part of the ongoing Crossrail project, London’s transport infrastructure is undergoing a major transformation. This includes a programme of upgrades and refurbishments at a number of locations locations along the route, including stations at Acton and West Ealing, where The Window Film Company was engaged to supply and install a large quantity of  specialist anti-graffiti window film.

Graffiti can be an expensive problem to remedy. Spray-paint and inks can be difficult and time consuming to remove from glass, while scouring and etching can permanently damage glass, leading to a requirement for costly replacement glass. This sort of damage is unfortunately commonplace in publicly accessible areas, with train stations regular targets. With a whole host of new buildings, facilities and refurbishments being completed as part of the multi-billion pound Crossrail project, it was felt that preventative measures should be taken to protect the large quantities of glass that were an integral feature at the three sites.

Anti-graffiti film from The Window Film Company is a clear window film that is virtually undetectable once installed. While it may not be visible, it provides a valuable and highly effective level protection from graffiti and other damage, thanks to a specially developed coating and by also acting as a protective barrier.

Cleaning paint and ink off glass can be problematic. At best it can be time consuming, at worst it leaves an indelible mark. This problem is combatted by the coating on anti-graffiti film, which has been designed to make cleaning paint and other markings from the glass considerably easier, often requiring nothing more than standard domestic cleaning products to remove markings.

In the event of more serious and damaging types of graffiti or vandalism such as scouring or etching, the film acts as a sacrificial barrier, with the film being damaged instead of the glass underneath. In these instances, the anti-graffiti window film is simply removed and replaced – a quicker, less disruptive and more cost-effective solution than the only other alternative – replacement glass.

The scale of the job, involving hundreds of square metres of anti-graffiti window film being applied to windows of varying sizes in different locations across three different sites, meant that the logistics had to be carefully planned and handled; a task managed by The Window Film Company’s operations team.

The film was fitted to a pre-agreed schedule by several of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and extensively qualified installation teams, with timings and dates agreed to ensure the minimum of disruption across the three busy sites.

Once in place, the film was effective immediately, providing protection from vandalism and graffiti without impacting on the aesthetic appearance of the glass.

For more information on anti-graffiti window film, or any of the other window films supplied and installed by The Window Film Company, please contact a member of the team by calling 01494 794477 or email