Nov 24 2023

The Window Film Company use state of the art print and cutting equipment to create custom window films and graphics for a range of solutions and situations. By carrying out customisation in-house, it’s possible to create exactly the finish that clients require, collaborating closely throughout each and every project to ensure the perfect finish.

This project, for an office in Greater London, necessitated the creation of custom printed and cut graphics to meet manifestation and privacy requirements, with a specific colour required to match the company’s brand palette.

Manifestation markings are required as a part of Building Regulations and are needed to make glass easily visible. They are normally expected to be added to floor to ceiling or large expanses of glazing such as glass partitions and doors, with markings required at specific points on the glass to ensure they are easily visible, in turn serving to prevent accidents and damage. To comply with the regulations, markings must be of a minimum size and must provide a clear contrast with the background, but as long as these stipulations are met, manifestation provides an opportunity to be creative and to add an extra element of style to glass.

By adding a band (or similar variation) of film to the central part of glazing, it’s possible to add an element of privacy to glass, while also meeting manifestation legislation. Glass partitions and doors are often used to create meeting room and other spaces that could benefit from privacy, so a window film solution that meets both needs is always popular.

For this project it was agreed that the most suitable film choice would be Frostbrite frosted window film. Frostbrite is a specially developed window film, designed to give glazing the classic, contemporary appearance of frosted glass, without the need for expensive replacement glazing. The appearance of the film is perfect for manifestation markings as it delivers the necessary contrast with the background. Crucially for this project, it can also be computer cut to the exact shape required, as well as printed to feature specific designs and colours.

The client required their manifestation markings to comprise bands of coloured film of differing width, with the colour matching an exact pantone reference; chosen as it was part of the company’s brand palette. The film was printed and cut to match the exact specifications required by the Window Film Company’s graphics and print department, before being installed by a team of The Window Film Company’s expert film fitters.

The end product was a stylish, bespoke set of manifestation markings, providing the office with a stylish new look and an added element of privacy.

For more information about the range of window films, manifestation solutions and printed graphics created, supplied and installed by The Window Film Company, please contact us on 01494 794477 or email