Apr 05 2024

The Window Film Company supplies and installs high quality solar control window films, with a range of finishes and performance levels available to ensure the perfect solution for your situation.

Solar control window films are an effective way of combatting heat, as well as delivering other benefits such as glare reduction and protection from potentially harmful and damaging UV rays.

Heat reduction window films from The Window Film Company work by effectively bouncing away solar energy before it can pass through glass and into your property, preventing a percentage of the sun’s heat from entering through glass and constantly increasing the internal temperature.

The most effective film for delivering this is High Reflective Silver. As the name suggests, the film has a silver, or mirrored look, and it’s this reflective appearance that serves to bounce away a proportion of heat before it can pass through glass and add to the temperature.

High Reflective Silver was the solution chosen for the ground floor of a block of residential, shared ownership properties situated near the River Thames in London. The ground floor area forms a reception area, and this part of the building was suffering from excess heat and glare.

The film was applied to a number of floor to ceiling sized panes, with the window film applied to the internal face of the glass to ensure maximum useful lifespan. Once in place, the film gave the exterior of the property a sleek, stylish silver finish, entirely in keeping with the modern look of the premises. The heat and glare reduction was effective immediately, with the film reducing the solar energy (heat) that passes through the glass by up to 78%, while also reducing glare by up to 79%.

All of these benefits are achieved without blocking the view out during daylight hours, while the film also doesn’t make the inside feel dark - on a bright day you will still benefit from the light generated by the sun.

For more information on High Reflective Silver solar control film, details on how it works or an installation quote, please contact a member of the team by calling 01494 794477 or email