Jun 21 2024

The Window Film Company offers a range of high performance solar control window films to help deliver heat reduction in your home, office, conservatory or summer house.

During warmer weather, conservatories can quickly become uncomfortable, with heat passing through windows and glass roofs and quickly raising the temperature to what can be unbearable levels. An application of solar control window film from The Window Film Company can help.

When it comes to conservatory roofs with glass panels, the film works by reflecting away a percentage of the sun’s heat before it can pass through the glass and add to the internal temperature. By reducing the amount of solar energy that is able to pass through the glass, the internal temperature doesn’t rise so quickly, helping to ensure a more enjoyable experience.

The film has been specially designed to allow excellent levels of natural light to pass through and will also allow a view from the inside out during daylight hours. This means that while the film delivers excellent levels of heat reduction, it does so without sacrificing light or the view on a beautiful sunny day.

In addition to the heat reduction benefits the window film provides, it will also block a high percentage of UV rays - the biggest single contributing factor to fading. You can find more information about fading and how window film can combat the effects here.

Glare can be a year-round problem, but it is exacerbated during warmer weather - the bright sunlight streaming through glass can make it difficult to comfortably focus. Solar control window film will also help in this regard, cutting down on glare by up to 79%.

If you have a polycarbonate conservatory roof, then there is a film for that, too. Supertint for Polycarbonate is a specially developed film supplied and installed by The Window Film Company, specifically for use on polycarbonate surfaces. Once in place, this film will reject up to 76% of the sun’s solar energy, will reduce glare by up to 76% and will block up to 99% of UV rays.

If you’d like more information about the range of heat reduction window films supplied and installed by The Window Film Company, please contact a member of our team by calling 01494 794477 or email We offer a range of solutions for use in commercial and residential settings, allowing you to enjoy the summer and the warmer weather, instead of trying to endure it!

Beat the heat with window film from The Window Film Company this summer.