May 31 2024

Your conservatory should be an enjoyable place to relax and to spend time. All too often however, conservatories and garden rooms are almost unusable during warmer weather, with the temperature quickly reaching uncomfortable levels. Specialist window film from The Window Film Company can help.

The Window Film Company offers a range of heat reduction window films, including a product specifically developed for use on polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate roofs continue to be popular in conservatories and left untreated during summer months, they can result in the internal temperature rising rapidly, quickly making it uncomfortable inside. Supertint for Poly from The Window Film Company is a high-performance solution, and it was this film that was installed at this property in Cambridgeshire.

The film was installed to the internal side of the roof by a team of The Window Film Company’s expert installers, and once in place it would deliver heat reduction up to the following levels:

Solar energy rejection: Up to 76%
Glare reduction: Up to 76%
UV light rejection: Up to 99%

As the statistics above illustrate, as well as heat reduction, the film also helps to reduce glare and protects against UV rays – the single biggest contributing factor when it comes to fade damage.

For more information on this project, on Supertint for Poly heat reduction window film, or if you have questions on any of the window films supplied by The Window Film Company, please call a member of our team on 01494 794477 or email sales@windowfilm.co.uk.

Enjoy your conservatory this summer season with window film from The Window Film Company!