CoolKote Window Film

Coolkote is a specialist solar protection window film, developed specifically for use on
conservatories with polycarbonate roofs. Once applied, coolkote will help maintain a
moderate internal temperature, allowing you to use and enjoy your conservatory all year round.

By reflecting away a percentage of the sun's energy, Coolkote window film prevents heat from continually building up within your conservatory, stopping excess heat from making your room unusable. Designed specifically for use on polycarboante surfaces, Coolkote is the most effective way to keep your conservatory cool.

  • More effective than blinds. As Coolkote works by reflecting away the suns energy, it doesn't allow the heat to enter your room. It is this continual buiold up of heat that results in unpleasant temperatures, so by reducing the amount of heat that penetrates the glass, Coolkote ensures a moderate temperatutre on even the hottest of days.
  • Won't make your room dark or cold. Coolkote has been created for residential use, and as such has been manufactured to be as effective as posible without sacrificing natural light. 
  • Cut down on glare. An added benefit provided by CoolKote is glare reduction. Glare can be a year-round problem, with the sun making it hard to see screens or read comfortably. Coolkote filters out the harshest elements of the sunshine without blocking the natural light, allowing for bright, comfortable living conditions.
  • Combat fading. Coolkote blocks over 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays, which are one of the main causes of fading. By applying Coolkote to your conservatory roof you can protect your belongings, furnishings and flooring from the unwanted effects of fading.
  • Long lasting and durable. Once applied, Coolkote requires no specialist maintenance and will deliver a long lasting, high level of performance.

  • Professional Installation Service. The Window Film Company offers a nation-wide installation service, with teams of fitters providing a professional standard fitting throughout the Country. Installations can usually be completed within a day, and with a minimum of fuss. oolkote is available to buy from our online store for those customers who would prefer to carry out a DIY installation.
  • Quick and easy quotes. To provide an accurate quote, all we ned are a few details. Either the size of your roof, or the surface area of your conservatory floor is usually enough for us to give you an accurate price. For more information and a no obligation quote, call 01494 794477 today.
The Window Film Company can provide a quick and easy quote for installing CoolKote to your conservatory roof. Simply call 01494 794477 with your measurements today!