Can I tint My House Windows?

Tinting the windows in your home is probably easier than you think

Can I tint My House Windows?

An application of tinted window film to your house windows is the ideal way to solve a host of issues including heat, privacy and safety.

What is window tint?

Window film is an easy to install product, designed to be retro fitted to existing windows in your home or office. Films from The Window Film Company can be purchased online for DIY installation or can be bought on a fully fitted basis – The Window Film Company offers a nationwide install service, with teams of fully qualified and vastly experienced fitters on hand to deliver and install your tinted window film.

The films stocked and supplied by The Window Film Company have been specially developed to be suitable for use in a residential setting, with each product delivering a high level of performance without blocking or drastically reducing visible light or the view from the inside out.

Available in a range of grades and finishes, residential window film from The Window Film Company is long lasting and durable, easy to maintain and can be removed if the need arises to replace the film or to return the glazing to its original state.

Can I apply window tint myself?

If you decide to tint your windows yourself, the process is straightforward. While the exact method will depend on the film you purchase, the main steps are the same:

·        Your tinted window film will have a thin backing sheet that will require removal ahead of installation. If you find it difficult to remove the backing sheet, we recommend placing a piece of masking tape on both sides of the film, then slowly peel the two pieces apart.

·        With the backing sheet removed, use a plant spray bottle to spray water (with a couple of drops of washing up liquid added) over the film. Please be sure to wet the side of the film the backing sheet was on; this will, in turn, activate the adhesive. Be sure to cover the entirety of the film with your water.

·        Use the spray bottle to wet the window. Before beginning the installation, please take the time to clean your window thoroughly.

·        Take your film to the window and allow the film to flow onto the glass. The soapy water solution will allow you to manoeuvre the film into place.

·        With the film in place, use a squeegee (supplied with each order) to squeeze out the moisture from beneath the film. Use paper towels or a clean cloth to mop up the excess water from the edge of the frame. The process is complete!

Window film installation by the experts

The full range of window tints offered by The Window Film Company is available on a fully installed basis. While installation can be carried out with no prior experience, we recognise that sometimes it’s a more enjoyable experience if someone else does the heavy lifting! We are proud to employ several teams of fully qualified, vastly experienced fitters, each of whom are able to guarantee a perfect installation with the minimum disruption or fuss. For details on our residential window film installation service, please contact a member of our team on 01494 794477 or email

What is window tint used for?

Tinted window film is used in houses for a number of reasons, with one of the primary uses being for solar control. The reflective appearance of the window film serves to reflect away a percentage of the suns energy before it enters premises, contributing to the steady build up of heat until it eventually becomes uncomfortable. The window film will help maintain a pleasant temperature in your home without blocking the view or natural light; unlike options such as curtains or blinds.

Adding a tint to the windows in your home is also an option for delivering one-way daytime privacy. During daylight hours, the film will provide a sleek and stylish reflective external appearance, blocking the view from the outside in, while still maintaining the view to the exterior.

Additional benefits offered by tinted window film

Reflective window films from The Window Film Company also offer other benefits such as glare reduction and protection from fading, with the majority of our products filtering out up to 99% of the suns potentially harmful UV rays without blocking the view or sacrificing visible light. UV rays are the highest contributing factor to fading, so an application of window film will help slow down the process, protecting upholstery, flooring and other belongings.

By adding an element of privacy to your glazing, window tint can also act as a security film, and this is delivered in two ways. Firstly, by preventing a view into your premises, passers-by aren’t afforded a view of what’s inside, removing the temptation or desire to attempt unauthorised or illegal entry. Secondly, an application of window tint will make your glass harder to break. If the treated glazing does succumb to breakage, the film holds the glass together, making unlawful access time consuming and difficult, while also adding a safety element, holding potentially lethal shards of broken glass together instead of allowing them to fall in on themselves.

For more information on the options when it comes to adding window tint to your home or office, please contact a member of the team by calling 01494 794477 or email