Can You See Through Frosted Glass?

Find out how much privacy frosted glass film can provide.

Can you see through frosted glass?

Frostbrite frosted window film from The Window Film Company is designed to deliver a stylish privacy solution. Designed to give glass the appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glazing, once applied, it will ensure that you cannot see through the frosted glass.

The Window Film Company has been supplying and installing privacy window films since 1998. Privacy films are suitable for use in commercial properties and residential settings, such as on kitchen or bathroom windows, with a range of different options available including frosted glass effect films and one-way privacy solutions. Frostbrite, which gives glazing the appearance of frosted glass, remains one of the most popular choices.

Create the appearance of frosted glass.

It’s easy to achieve the appearance of frosted glass with an application of window film. Once applied, Frostbrite frosted film is effective immediately, giving the glass a contemporary and stylish look and blocking the view from both sides of the glass. The film has been specially designed and developed to deliver a professional finish and appearance, making it almost impossible to distinguish between the original frosted glass and standard glass with window film applied.

Does light pass through frosted glass film?

Frostbrite frosted window film has been engineered to deliver an effective and stylish privacy solution, while also allowing excellent levels of natural light to pass through the filmed glass. This ensures that while the view from both sides is blocked, the internal environment isn’t made to feel unnecessarily dark.

How easy is it to fit frosted glass film?

As with all films stocked by The Window Film Company, Frostbrite frosted window film is available to purchase online for DIY installation. The fitting process is a straightforward one and can be successfully undertaken with the use of standard household items. To install the film you will need to remove the backing sheet and spray the reverse of the film with a soapy water solution – a few drops of washing up liquid in a plant spray bottle will do the trick. Use the spray bottle to wet your window and then allow the film to flow onto the glass. The soapy water solution will allow you to manoeuvre the film into the correct position before using a straight edge to squeegee out the moisture from underneath the film to the edge of the frame. Use a paper towel to dry any excess moisture and the fitting is complete!

Printed fitting instructions are supplied with each DIY order, while video fitting instructions are available to view at the bottom of each product page.

If you’d rather not fit the film yourself, or if you have a requirement for a larger scale installation, then The Window Film Company offer a nationwide window film fitting service, with teams of fully qualified and vastly experienced on hand to complete your fitting.

For more information about Frostbrite frosted window film and the installation service offered by The Window Film Company, please call a member of our friendly team on 01494 794477 or email