Can You See Through Mirrored Window Film at Night?

Mirrored films for glass can reduce solar heat, glare and UV, but can you see through them?

Can you see through mirrored window films at night?

When considering the use of a reflective or mirrored window film it’s important to get a full understanding of exactly how the film works. An example is a query about the ability to see through mirrored window films at night. The answer is…it depends!

Reflective window film can be used to deliver a number of different benefits; privacy, solar control, glare reduction and UV protection can all be achieved by utilizing one of The Window Film Company’s reflective window films, with privacy, or preventing vision through the window, a popular use.

Mirrored window film for privacy.

Mirrored window film from The Window Film Company is a high performance product that delivers privacy by giving one side of the glass a reflective, mirrored appearance that serves to block the view from one side of your window.

The film provides a perfect daytime privacy solution as the film works on the balance of light. This means that it is the side of the film that is exposed to the highest levels of light is the side that takes on the reflective appearance. During daylight hours, this will be the external facing side of the film, creating an immediately effective one-way privacy solution. Once applied, those walking past the glass during daylight hours will be met with their own reflection, while the view from the inside out will be maintained, with only a slight window tinting effect being visible. The film has also been designed to allow excellent levels of light transmission, meaning that while it will block the view from the outside in, it won’t prevent sunlight from passing through the glass and into your home.

When can you see through mirrored window films?

During daylight hours you will be able to see through mirrored window film from the inside out. Your view to the exterior will be maintained, while those passing the external face of the glass will see a mirrored or reflective appearance.

It’s important to reiterate that lighting conditions are the number one factor when it comes to reflective films. It is the side of the window film that is exposed to the brightest levels of light that will take on the reflective appearance and privacy properties. This does mean that if, at night-time, it is dark outside and there are lights on inside the property, it is the interior facing side of the film that will be reflective, affording a view from the outside in. It’s equally important to note that this isn’t usually a problem because once the amount of natural light falls, and daylight gives way to the darkness outside, blinds and curtains are usually drawn and it’s these that deliver privacy.

In summary, it is always possible to see through one side of reflective window film; which side is entirely dependent on the light. If it’s brighter outside, then you will be able to see through the film from the inside out. If it’s brighter inside (usually at night when lights are on in the home) then it will be possible to see through window film at night from the outside in.

If you would like more information on how reflective window film from The Window Film Company works and whether it is the correct or most effective privacy solution for your situation, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team by calling 01494 794477 or email

How do I install mirrored window films?

Mirrored window films can be installed with no prior experience, although we would recommend that when attempting to install window film you ensure you have another person to help you and that you have taken the time to carefully familiarize yourselves with the written and video fitting instructions.

Fitting mirrored privacy film is a relatively straightforward process; remove the backing sheet from the film and use a plant spray bottle to cover the exposed window film with water. Use the bottle to cover the window with water too, then allow the film to flow into position. Use the plastic squeegee supplied with each DIY window film order to push the remaining moisture to the edge of the frame where it can be dried off with a paper towel.

Printed fitting instructions are supplied with each order and there are video fitting instructions at the bottom of each mirrored window film product page.

If you’d rather have an expert fit your film, then we can help! The Window Film Company offers a nationwide fitting service, with teams of fully qualified and vastly experienced installers on hand to complete your installation with the minimum of fuss and a flawless finish!

Are there other types of privacy window film?

The Window Film Company offers an extensive collection of privacy window films. Mirrored films continue to be popular for daytime one-way privacy, while Frostbrite frosted film will give glazing the appearance of sandblasted or acid etched glazing, blocking the view from both sides of the glass. Solid colour vinyls are also available for situations that require both the view and the light to be blocked, while printed graphics and products like Contra Vision can also be used to create a custom branded privacy solution for glass.

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