Does Opaque Glass Let Light In?

Find out more about opaque glass window films and the amount of light they block or let through.

Fully opaque glass will not allow light in. The Window Film Company offers a range of window films that will deliver an opaque finish, along with window films that will deliver privacy without sacrificing natural light.

The Window Film Company specialises in privacy window film for the home or office. Offering a range of films on a supply only or fully installed basis, there is certain to be a product that meets your privacy needs.

Our opaque glass window films are often used on bathroom windows and are a great way to decorated your windows whilst obscuring the view through. Opaque film for windows is also a more economic choice than replacing with new double glazed or textured glass window units.

Window films that do let sunlight in.

The Window Film Company offers a range of privacy films for your glass, with different levels of obscurity, that will let differing amounts of light in through the glass. Among the most popular choices is Frostbrite; a professional standard frosted window film that once applied will give the glass the appearance of obscure glass or acid-etched, sandblasted glazing. The film has been specially developed to deliver effective two-way privacy as soon as it is fitted, along with a stylish, contemporary finish.

Frostbrite frosted film also has the added benefit of allowing excellent levels of natural light to pass through your glass, ensuring that you can achieve privacy in the home or office without making the interior feel unnecessarily dark.

Frosted window film also provides the ideal opportunity to add an extra decorative element to your windows. If you are looking for a solution for your windows, front door, or really any kind of glazing at home, then you can choose from a host of window film glass designs, cut or printed patterns (including stunning designer collections) with each order custom created to your exact size specifications.

The Window Film Company can also use Frostbrite frosted film to create full colour printed graphics for your commercial property, ideal for shopfronts, glass partitions, office branding or refurbishments.

Another popular privacy window film that does let light in is our range of reflective window films. This range of products works by delivering a reflective external appearance, meaning that passers-by will see a mirrored effect instead of being able to see into your home or premises. Like frosted glass film, this range of solutions has been specially designed to deliver privacy without sacrificing natural light, ensuring you can enjoy the privacy you require without making your home or office dark.

Window films that do not let light in.

The Window Film Company also supplies films that will make your glass opaque, with no light allowed in through the glazing. The most popular choice for this effect is a vinyl film. Available in a range of colours, once applied, the film will block the view from both sides of the glass while also preventing light from passing through the window.

Window vinyls from The Window Film Company are available in a host of vibrant colours and can be bought by the metre for DIY installation, or supplied and fitted by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced fitting teams. You can go to our online store to buy solid colour window film or read more about our window film installation service.

Vinyl also provides the option of creating custom created graphics, with The Window Film Company using state of the art, wide-format printing technology to deliver eye-catching results.

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