Does Privacy Glass Stop Sun?

Window film Vs privacy glass; The facts about privacy glass and blocking sunlight, heat and UV rays

Privacy glass doesn’t stop the sun – unless you want it to! Applying window film to glass for privacy can be achieved in a number of different ways, with each choice highly effective and long-lasting.

One of the major benefits of having glazing in your home or office is that they allow for a view outside and enjoyable levels of natural light. When developing window films for privacy, it was recognised that when possible these advantages should be maintained, ensuring that if you need privacy for glass, it doesn’t stop the sun.

One-way privacy glass.

Here at The Window Film Company, we’re often asked about window film for one-way privacy and we’re happy to be able to help! This effect is achieved by using a film that is reflective on the outside during daylight hours. The film's appearance is dependent on the amount of light present, with the side of the film that is exposed to the brightest light delivering a reflective appearance.

This appearance effectively turns the glass into a one-way mirror, so during daylight hours, those on the external side of the glass will only be able to see their reflection, instead of getting a view into your home, office or workplace. While the view from the outside will be blocked, the view from the inside will be maintained, with excellent levels of natural light also allowed to pass through the glass, meaning that while the view from the outside may be stopped, but the sunlight isn’t.

Heat reduction properties of one-way privacy glass.

While one-way privacy window film won’t stop sunlight, it can also be used to help maintain a moderate and enjoyable internal temperature. Untreated glazing can often lead to elevated and uncomfortable temperatures, with solar energy passing through the glass and steadily heating up the interior until it becomes uncomfortably hot.

An application of reflective window film will help alleviate this issue, while also adding a slightly coloured window tint, just like cars with privacy glass, but most importantly it delivers one-way daytime privacy. The heat reduction is achieved by the reflective nature of the window film, which serves to bounce away a percentage of the suns energy before it can enter your premises. This halts the steady build-up of heat within the room, and while it won’t make it feel cold, it will prevent the increase of heat to unpleasant levels.

This approach to solar control is more effective than curtains or blinds, both of which are set back from the window, therefore allowing the heat into the room (window film reflects it away before it can pass through the glass and add to the temperature) while also maintaining the view and allowing natural light to pass through the glass – something that both curtains and blinds prevent.

Other benefits of one-way privacy glass.

In addition to one-way privacy and effective solar control, this type of window film delivers additional benefits including glare reduction and a reduction in the fading process. Glare can make it difficult to concentrate or uncomfortable to read, while glare is a steady, unseen process caused primarily by the sun’s UV rays. The majority of one-way privacy films for glass block 99% of these potentially harmful rays, serving to slow down and protect against the damage caused by fading.

Two-way privacy window film for glass.

The Window Film Company offers a host of other privacy options, with Frostbrite frosted film being among the most popular. Once applied, Frostbrite gives glazing the appearance of acid-etched or sandblasted glass, blocking the view while still allowing excellent levels of natural sunlight to pass through the glass.

The effect of applying Frostbrite frosted film for privacy is to give glazing a contemporary new look in addition to an immediately effective privacy solution that doesn’t block the light provided by the sun. Frostbrite frosted film is also available featured cut or printed patterns, and can also be used to feature custom created graphics or designs; ideal for offices, shopfronts or other commercial premises where an eye-catching display or professional décor could be beneficial.

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