Does Reflective Window Film Reduce Heat?

Use window film to reduce excess heat build up in the home and workplace.

Does reflective window film reduce heat?

Reflective window film from The Window Film Company reduces heat by rejecting a percentage of solar energy (heat) before it can enter premises. Applied directly to glass, window film is far more effective at reducing heat than curtains or blinds.

The Window Film Company offers a range of high-performance window films, specifically designed and developed to reduce heat in your home, office or commercial premises. Whatever the size or type of your property, if you suffer with excess heat, window film from The Window Film Company can help.

How does reflective window film work?

The window film is usually applied to the internal face of the glass (external grades of solar control film are available is an internal fitting isn’t possible) and is effective immediately. It works by reflecting away a percentage of the sun’s energy, preventing it from entering your premises and continually raising the temperature. The amount of solar energy rejected will depend on the type of film chosen; please contact a member of our friendly expert team on 01494 7944477 for details on which film is most suitable for you.

The fact that reflective film rejects solar energy before it has aa chance to enter your property makes it far more efficient than curtains and blinds, both of which are set back from glazing, allowing excess heat to enter the room.

Will it make my property cold?

An application of solar control film will help maintain a comfortable temperature; but as the film does not reject all heat it will not make your room cold. The film is designed to prevent an excess build-up of heat, stopping internal temperatures from reaching uncomfortable levels by rejecting a percentage of the solar energy – not all of it.

Will window film make it dark inside?

Heat reduction window film will have an impact on the appearance of your glass, but it won’t make it dark inside. A simple way of describing the effect is to imagine putting a very light pair of sunglasses on your glazing! Thee film has been specially developed to allow as much natural light to pass through the glass as possible, while still delivering a high level of performance.

If you’d like a sample of any of the solar control window films supplied and installed by The Window Film Company, this can be arranged by calling an Account Manager on 01494 794477.

How is reflective window film installed?

The Window Film Company offers two options when it comes to installation of heat reduction film. Our complete range of solar control solutions is available to purchase online for DIY installation; simply browse and select the film you require, choose the number of metres you require and complete your purchase. Each order is delivered via courier and comes complete with printed fitting instructions.

The Window Film Company also offers aa nationwide installation service, with teams of fully trained and vastly experienced fitters able to deliver a perfect install whatever the size or location of your project.

For more information on how specialist window film from The Window Film Company serves to reduce excess heat, please contact us by calling 01494 794477 or email