How do I make my Window Opaque?

Information and tips for frosting your windows to make them opaque

Making a window opaque is easier than you think with window film from The Window Film Company. Easy to apply, long lasting and stylish, window film is the ideal way to turn your window opaque.

Window privacy can be required for a number of reasons, in a number of locations, and making a window opaque is a straightforward way of doing it. Traditional methods such as blinds and curtains aren’t always practical or appropriate, and the cost of the process to frost glass panels or to add etching to glass can be quite costly, so read on to learn more about how window film can provide the privacy you need, at a price that might surprise you…

There are a number of different window films that will serve to make a window opaque, each offering high performance levels and a pleasing aesthetic. Window Film is straightforward to apply and is long lasting and durable, making it suitable for use in high traffic or demanding locations.

No need to replace your glass to make your window opaque.

Window film is designed to be retro fitted to glass, negating the need for expensive replacement glazing. Where possible, the film is applied to the internal face of the glass to extend its useful, functional life, but if an internal fitting isn’t possible, external grade window film for privacy is available.

Window film to make a window opaque is suitable for most types of glass, but The Window Film Company’s team of friendly experts are always on hand to discuss the suitability of window film for your glazing – please feel free to call on 01494 794477 or email

How to fit film to make a window opaque.

All of the privacy window films offered by The Window Film Company are available to purchase online for DIY installation. Depending on the type of window film chosen, you will be able to buy film cut to your exact sizes or by the metre. All orders come complete with printed fitting instructions and are supplied with a free plastic squeegee to aid the application process.

Fitting is straightforward and can be achieved standard household implements. Once you receive your window film, remove the backing sheet and cover the side of the film that will go on to the glass with soapy water, from your spray bottle. Cover the window that you wish to make opaque with water too, then allow the film to flow into place. The soap in the water will form a slip solution allowing you to slide the film into place before using the squeegee to remove the excess water. For a visual illustration of how to fit a privacy window film, there is a video fitting guide at the bottom of each product page.

If you would prefer your film to be fitted for you, The Window Film Company offers a nationwide installation service, with vastly experienced and fully qualified teams of installers available to ensure that you get a perfect, flawless installation in your home or workplace.

Window film options for opaque windows.

The Window Film Company offers a range of window film products to make your window opaque. Among the most popular is Frostbrite frosted film. Once applied, the film will give your window the appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glazing, preventing the view from both sides of the glass. The film has been specially developed to ensure that while the view is blocked, excellent levels of natural light are still allowed to pass through the glass, ensuring that the inside of your premises isn’t made to feel unnecessarily dark.

Frostbrite can be printed on to feature custom created graphics; ideal for branding or office fit-outs while of you are looking to give your home a stylish new look, you can do so with one of our beautiful printed or cut frosted patterns.

Get in touch for more information.

There are a host of other options for making a window opaque, including printed graphics and coloured vinyls, so for a full understanding, more information, advice, samples or a quote, please contact a member of The Window Film Company team on 01494 794477 or email