How do you Cover a Glass Bathroom Window?

Covering your bathroom window with either plain or patterned frosted window film, to obscure the view in and out.

  • Bathroom Window Films Offering Style & Privacy

    Bathroom Window Films Offering Style & Privacy

  • Patterned Bathroom Window Privacy Frosting

    Patterned Bathroom Window Privacy Frosting

  • Privacy With Light & Colour Bathroom Window Film

    Privacy With Light & Colour Bathroom Window Film

  • Frosted Bathroom Window Film or Cut Pattern Bathroom Window Film

    Frosted Bathroom Window Film or Cut Pattern Bathroom Window Film

Privacy can be required throughout the home, but it can be particularly important in the bathroom. Window film from The Window Film Company is designed to be long lasting and durable, making it the perfect way to cover a glass bathroom window.

Window film from The Window Film Company is the ideal way to deliver a stylish and long lasting privacy solution in the bathroom; it is easy to install, cost efficient and effective immediately.

What’s the best type of window film for use in a bathroom?

For covering a window in a bathroom, our recommendation would be Frostbrite frosted film. Our frosted decorative window films are either cut to size or sold by the metre. Once fitted this film will deliver the same privacy as frosted glass, by giving the glass an etched, frosted appearance, blocking the view from both sides of the glass while still allowing excellent levels of natural light to pass through the window.

Frostbrite frosted film has been specially developed to be long lasting and durable and has been designed to be able to withstand water and damp, in turn making it the ideal choice for use in bathrooms or on shower screens. The film can be cleaned using nothing more than standard household cleaning products, so once installed there are no special maintenance requirements.

How will it look once installed?

Frostbrite frosted window film will give your bathroom window the classic, contemporary appearance of acid-etched or sandblasted glazing, delivering both privacy and style to your glass windows. As well as looking great and being an immediately effective privacy solution, the film has been created with natural light a key consideration. The film has been specially developed to allow as much natural light through as possible, ensuring a bright and pleasant internal environment is maintained.

What are my options for the look of the film?

The Window Film Company offers a range of options when it comes to frosted window film for bathrooms. You can choose to buy our standard, classic Frostbrite by the metre or cut to your exact size specifications. The film is plain and will give your glass the contemporary look of sandblasted glazing without the need for expensive replacement glass.

If you’d like to give your bathroom window an extra decorative flourish, then you can choose from one of our cut or printed patterns; there are hundreds of stylish designs available to choose from on our website at

Cut patterns are created by precision cutting (we use state of the art computer cutting technology) the design out of the film, leaving the patterned area completely clear. Our printed patterns are created by printing the design in brilliant white ink directly onto the film, resulting in a beautiful, eye-catching finish. Whether you choose a cut or printed pattern, the film is created to your exact size specifications, delivering a fully bespoke solution for your bathroom windows.

We do also have a range of popular stained glass window films available, that some customers have installed on to their bathroom windows, but it is important to note, in our experience, some of the colours in stained glass films are not quite as good at blocking the view in and out of the room as a fully "frosted" film design.

How is a bathroom window film installed?

Full fitting instructions are supplied with each online order, with a free application squeegee also supplied with each delivery. You can also find easy to follow step by step video fitting instructions on each product page.

While our window film frosting is relatively easy to apply, with the printed instructions sent with each order, a large number of how to fit window film video guides available online and with the installation process itself designed to be as straightforward as possible, you may prefer not to undertake a Do-It-Yourself fitting... Don't worry, we can still help! The Window Film Company can supply your window film on a fully installed basis. Our teams of fully qualified and vastly experienced fitters operate nationwide, meaning you can relax, safe in the knowledge that the film installed in your bathroom will be absolutely perfect!

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