How Do You Make Clear Glass into Privacy Glass?

Add privacy to your glass and windows using window film.

Updated: November 26, 2019

  • Kitchen Window Privacy Glass Using Window Film

    Kitchen Window Privacy Glass Using Window Film

  • Privacy Glass in the Bedroom Using Window Film

    Privacy Glass in the Bedroom Using Window Film

  • Privacy Glass in the Bathroom Using Window Film

    Privacy Glass in the Bathroom Using Window Film

Window film from The Window Film Company is the easiest and most cost effective way of turning clear glass into privacy glass.

The good news is that there are plenty of options for changing your clear glass into privacy glass, and each one will deliver a stylish, impressive and professional looking finish at a fraction of the cost of replacement glass. Our window films will work on the majority of glass surfaces, glass doors or windows, even conservatory roofs. The Window Film Company offers a range of solutions, each available on a supply only or fully fitted basis.

Window film for one-way privacy glass.

It is possible to use window film to create a daytime one-way privacy solution. The film works by delivering a reflective external appearance during daylight hours, preventing a view from the outside in. While it will stop vision from the exterior, the film still allows for a view from the inside out and doesn’t block natural light. Think of it as putting a light pair of sunglasses on your glazing!

It’s important to be aware that the side of the film that is exposed to the most light is the side that will take on the reflective properties, which is why it is perfect for a daytime privacy solution. The most popular version of this type of film is our High Reflective Silver film, but it is available in different colours such as blue, green or gold. If you have any questions about the one-way privacy options offered by The Window Film Company, please call a member of the team on 01494 794477 or email

Window film for two-way privacy.

Frostbrite frosted window film remains an incredibly popular choice for making clear glass into privacy glass. Once applied, the film gives glazing the appearance of acid etched glass or frosted glass, blocking the view from both sides of the glass without blocking natural light. This means that the film delivers a stylish privacy solution while still maintaining a light and bright internal environment.

Privacy glass designs and pattern options.

Frosted film looks fabulous in its standard form; the film provides glass with a contemporary and stylish finish, but it can also be used to add an extra decorative element to your glazing. Frostbrite frosted film can be cut to feature patterns or printed to feature text, illustrations or other designs. If you are seeking privacy film for an office, the film can be cut or printed to display branded elements or photography, while if you require film for a residential project or your home, there are a host of beautiful designs to choose from (including exclusive designer collaborations) on The Window Film Company website:

Suitable for your home or in the office.

Whichever method you choose to turn your clear glass into privacy glass, window film options are suitable for both residential and commercial projects, delivering not just a stylish look but a long lasting and durable solution, too. For example, Frostbrite frosted film can safely be used on shower screens or in wet-rooms; it has been developed to withstand damp and wet conditions.

How is the film for privacy glass installed?

When it comes to transforming clear glass into privacy glass using window film, The Window Film Company can offer two main solutions. If you are happy to fit the film yourself (it is a straightforward process with full, easy to follow video fitting instructions on each product page) you can find each of our available films to purchase online. Depending on the film you choose, the film will be supplied either by the metre or custom created to your exact sizes.

Get in touch for a privacy window film installation quote.

If you’d rather your privacy window film was fitted by the experts; no problem! The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced teams of installers are available to carry out fitting at your home or workplace. For more details on the installation service, quotes, samples or more advice on ways of making clear glass into privacy glass, please contact a friendly member of the team by calling 01494 794477 or email