How Much Do Shop Window Graphics Cost?

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How much do shop window graphics cost?

Window graphics cost less than you might imagine, and the impact they can have on your premises can prove to be invaluable. We have years of experience with shopfront window film for retail outlets and graphics for shop windows and internal glass and glazing.

The Window Film Company specialises in the production, supply and installation of premium quality window graphics. Created using state of the art print and cutting technology, combined with a range of highly developed window films and other printable media, full colour graphics from The Window Film Company are the ideal way of giving your premises a stylish and memorable new look.

What are window graphics?

Window graphics are created in a number of different ways. They can be computer cut from single coloured vinyl; a popular way of recreating logos or text. This vinyl can then be applied to the internal or external face of glass to create branding, signage or a decorative upgrade.

Stunning window graphics can also be created by printing directly onto printable window films. This is a stunning way of adding designs of any type to windows or glass partitions, with The Window Film Company able to print your bespoke designs in full colour, at any size and with pin perfect accuracy. Graphics can be printed onto Frostbrite frosted film to deliver privacy as well as a new look (Frostbrite frosted window film gives glazing the appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glass, preventing vision from both sides of the glass without blocking natural light) while printing onto optically clear window film is also a popular option.

By printing onto optically clear window film, it is possible to recreate even the most intricate and detailed artwork. Once complete and installed, the printed areas are the only parts visible as the film itself is completely transparent. This makes it the perfect choice for locations such as shopfronts or glass partitions where there still needs to be a view through the glass.

What are the different ways that window graphics can be used?

Window graphics can be used in multiple ways depending on your type of business and what you are trying to achieve.

  • You may want to use window film graphics to give an element of privacy to your shopfront. Is there a section of glass you are looking to obscure? Frosted Window Film, with or without printed graphics or cut-outs can do this for you.
  • We have a range of designs which can do this, or we can incorporate your own logo or brand identity into the pattern if you are looking to add a bit of eye catching decoration or branding to your window.
  • Use branded graphics on internal glass within your shop to add privacy to offices or fitting rooms.
  • We could use vinyl lettering, in colour or frosted film, to advertise your company name and the list of services you offer, or products you sell. Make it eye-catching to ensure your future customers know you are there.
  • Estate agents and shop landlords who are looking to rent out the property use temporary window graphics to advertise that the shop is available to let/rent, rather than just using a board attached to the front of the shop. Not only does this catch the eye of potential new retail tenants, but it also brightens up the high street as opposed to having an empty shop window after an empty shop window.
  • Shop fit out companies advertise their services on the windows while working on retail outlet refurbishments, You may want to blank out the windows anyway, so why not add your logo, phone number and website? You may get a new customer because of it? Also, please remember, that as part of the fit out, we can then help with the clients' graphics at the end of the project.
  • Retailers also use temporary shopfront graphics to advertise special offers or a sale. If the area is only small and you feel confident you can apply the lettering yourself, then you can save money.

Not just window graphics…

Because we are window specialists, we can't help you with all of your retail graphics needs, we can't create your shop signs, for example. But, The Window Film Company does also offer high quality graphics for other surfaces; not just windows. Products such as digital wallpaper and brick vinyl offer the chance to decorate previously neglected surfaces with bespoke printed graphics. Digital wallpaper can be applied to virtually any flat surface, delivering the opportunity to add an extra dimension to not only walls but cupboards and doors, too. Brick vinyl is a specialist product, designed to be applied to exposed brick.

As well as graphics The Window Film Company also have a wide variety of easy to apply window film designs for people to buy online and install themselves, at home. Why not take a look at our range window films to buy online?

In summary, if you have a surface that you’d like to upgrade with graphics; The Window Film Company can help!

What’s the cost of window graphics?

The value of window graphics is clear. They provide an opportunity to add bespoke design to almost any surface in your premises, allowing for the creation of eye-catching branding, signage and information, or a stylish new overall aesthetic. Window graphics can be used as an integral part of an office fit-out or redesign, be employed to improve the internal environment of a property or simply give your place of work a fresh new feel.

The cost of window graphics will depend on your project, as each one is different, smaller branded window displays are likely to be cheaper than a custom size full-colour window graphics installation. The Window Film Company offer digital print with a complete design service, beginning with taking the time to understand your brief, talking you through the options available, providing samples and quotes, all the way through the organising the logistics around the installation.

To begin this process enhancing your shopfront window signage and graphics, and to get an initial idea of cost, simply give one of our friendly team a call on 01494 794477 or email