Window Film Cleaning and Care Information

Find out how to care for and clean your window film, so it stays looking great and lasts.

Window Film Cleaning and Care Information

Window film from The Window Film Company has been specially developed to be as long lasting and durable as possible, meaning that while it is highly effective and provides a beautiful finish, it is also easy to clean, requiring minimal post installation care.

Once your window film is installed, it can be cleaned with standard cleaning materials, with no need for a specialist cleaning solution or other non-standard equipment. The sensible approach is to clean the film the same way you would treat glass. By using a soft cloth and not using abrasive cleaning utensils such as bristle brushes you can avoid scratching the film; the same way you’d avoid scratching glass.

One of the key parts of ensuring a long-lasting life for your window film is to make sure that your glass is as clean as possible before beginning the installation. By taking the time to remove any dirt or imperfections from the glass, you will ensure that the installation is as straightforward as possible, preventing anything from getting between the film and the window. If you have a rubber squeegee, this is the ideal way of cleaning the glass ahead of fitting, but if you don’t have one, please don’t worry! Cleaning the glass with household glass cleaners, a clean synthetic sponge (the type you’d use to clean your kitchen surfaces) and paper towels is just as effective.

After giving your glazing a wash and dry, you can fit your window film. To begin, you’ll need a plant spray bottle filled with soapy water. To create the solution, add a couple of drops of washing up liquid (dish soap isn’t appropriate) to the spray bottle full of water. Use the bottle to coat the surface of the glass with soapy water, before removing the backing sheet from the film and using the spray bottle to completely cover the exposed surface of the film with more of the soapy water solution. With both the window and the film covered with water, take the film to the glass and allow it to flow into place. The soapy water will act as a slip solution, allowing you to move the film into the correct position before using the free application squeegee (supplied with every online order) to push the moisture to the edge of the frame. Use a dry, clean paper towel to soak up the remaining moisture and the installation is complete.

After fitting, we recommend waiting 30 days before cleaning your film, to allow the window film to fully adhere and cure. After this time, feel free to clean your film in the way we’ve outlined above. To recap:

  • Use a soft cloth to clean the film. A clean synthetic sponge is recommended for washing / clean your film.
  • Avoid ammonia based cleaning products.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning products such as brushes – this will scratch the film.
  • Wait 30 days before cleaning your film.

If you have any questions about caring for or cleaning your window film from The Window Film Company, please contact a member of our friendly team by calling 01494 794477 or email