Installing Safety and Security Window Films

DIY Safety and Security Window Films

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The DIY window film instructional video above will show you how to apply Clear Safety and Security Window Films.

Because Safety and Security Window Films are thicker, they are slightly more difficult to install than a standard window film. However, if you follow our video fitting instructions carefully you should be able to achieve a good finish.

This type of DIY window film has to be squeegeed harder to ensure that you get out as much water as possible. If the window film looks smooth and bubble free immediately after the installation, then any water bubbles that appear after will dry out through the film.

Safety and Security Window Film cannot be computer cut to size, so it is only available to buy on a roll, but that does mean that it is economical to buy. The instructions show you how to trim the film to the window film.

To buy this type of DIY window film online, please click the following link window films by the metre