How To Fit Window Film For Solar Control

Solar Control Window Film DIY Fitting Instruction Guide

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The DIY window film instructional video above will show you how to install a wide variety of window films. 

Although the actual film being installed is our High Reflective Silver solar control window film, the process is still the same for other types of solar films, UV protection window films, privacy films and tinted window films. If you have yet to select your window film you may want to take a look at our solar control window film range.

Because Safety and Security Window FIlms are thicker and a little harder to install, we have also included a separate instructional video.

This type of window film cannot be computer cut to size, so it is only available to buy on a roll, but that does mean that it is economical to buy. The instructions show you how to trim the film to the window film.

Not all window films are suitable for all glass types so you should double check with us if you are unsure.

To buy this type of DIY window film online, please click the following link window films by the metre