Are Window Film Graphics Removable?

Information about the application and removal of window film graphics as well as the different types that are available.

  • Window Graphics for Gyms, Swimming Pools and Sports 7 Leisure Centres

    Window Graphics for Gyms, Swimming Pools and Sports 7 Leisure Centres

  • Window Graphics for Estate Agency Windows

    Window Graphics for Estate Agency Windows

  • Window Graphics for Yoga Studios and Health Centres

    Window Graphics for Yoga Studios and Health Centres

  • Seasonal Window Graphics for Estate Agents Windows

    Seasonal Window Graphics for Estate Agents Windows

The Window Film Company supplies and installs what are best described as “semi-permanent” solutions for a range of issues. These include window graphics which are removable, allowing the glass to be returned to its former state if desired but are designed to stay in place for as long as they are needed.

Graphics supplied and installed by The Window Film can take many forms, utilise different materials and be used in a host of different situations, but they all have one thing in common. While designed to stay firmly in place for the duration of their useful life, window film graphics are removable.

What are my window film graphics options?

The Window Film Company supplies and installs a range of different printed graphics solutions, with different materials, such as adhesive vinyls or etched glass look frosted films and a wide range of methods used to deliver the best possible solution for each unique window graphic requirement.

Cut graphics remain a popular choice; a method that involves printing bespoke graphics onto window film before using state of the art computer cutting technology to create the final graphic. These can then be applied, internally or externally to glazing or other flat surfaces.

Printed graphics are often created using optically clear window film. This method sees the graphics printed directly onto a transparent window film, meaning that when complete, the only visible elements are the printed graphics. This allows for the creation of detailed, complicated designs and the reproduction of intricate artwork, without the need for cutting.

How are window film graphics installed?

Window film full colour window graphics are installed using a specially developed adhesive, present on the back of the film, which is activated by moisture. The exact method of application will depend on which product is being used, but the basic premise remains the same and they are relatively easy to apply with some training. The window film has a backing sheet which is removed before being coated with a soapy water solution. The glass is also treated in the same way, with the soapy water acting as a slip solution, allowing the window film graphics to be manoeuvred into the correct position.

Once the window graphics are in their desired position, the remaining moisture is removed by using a squeegee, pushing the water out to the edges of the window film where it can be mopped up and wiped clean.

The Window Film Company have been installing window film graphics since 1998, with teams of fully qualified and vastly experienced fitters completing projects of all sizes throughout the UK and beyond. For more details about the installation process and a quote for the fitting of your own window film graphics, please call a member of the team on 01494 794477 or email

How are window film graphics removed?

It’s important to confirm that window film graphics are designed to stay in position for as long as they are needed. Different products can be chosen to allow for an easier removal process if the project is a short term one, please contact a member of our team if you would like to discuss short term graphics solutions.

Removing window film graphics isn’t a complicated process, usually requiring nothing more than time and effort. Ease of removal can depend on the length of time the graphics have been in place, but once the graphics have been removed and the glass cleaned, your glazing will be returned to its original state.

Other window film options.

As well as window graphics The Window Film Company also offer many other window films. Frosted window film can be applied to a window to give the effect of frosted glass, which gives privacy from both sides of the glass without noticeably interfering with the amount of daylight passing through into the building.

Stained glass windows look great and are a popular look for the front doors of period homes, they are however expensive when created in glass. Stained glass window film is the perfect affordable alternative to costly coloured glass.

Our hi quality window films outperform other films available to buy online, such as static cling film, which has a rubbery or sticky feel to it.

For more information about the range of printed window film graphics offered by The Window Film Company, please call one of our experts on 01494 794477 or email The team will be happy to answer your questions on the removal or any other aspect of the process.