Obscure Glass Window Film Decorative Patterns

Decorative window films to obscure the view through your glass windows and doors

Obscure glass window film decorative patterns

Want to obscure your glass with window film? The Window Film Company offers a range of solutions including beautiful decorative patterns and exclusive designer collections that are long lasting, stylish and easy to install.

The Window Film Company has been specialising in the supply and installation of high quality window films since 1998, with a host of popular solutions for obscuring your glass and windows. Among the most popular choices are our collections of decorative patterns, created using our Frostbrite frosted window film.

What is Frostbrite frosted film?

Frostbrite from The Window Film Company is designed to deliver effective privacy while also giving glazing a stylish and contemporary new look. Once applied, Frostbrite will immediately give your glass the appearance of acid etched glass or sandblasted windows, preventing a view from both sides of the glass while still allowing excellent levels of natural light to pass through.

The appearance provided by the film is a contemporary, stylish one, achieving a brand-new look without the expense of replacement glass, with the classic finish making it suitable for any room in the home and ensuring it will fit with any interior scheme or style. Why not take a look at some of our featured frosted window film designs?

Obscuring glass with decorative patterns

One of the things that makes Frostbrite such a popular privacy film is that it is perfect for using to create decorative patterns and window film designs. The Window Film Company offers two types of pattern, allowing you to choose from our stunning range of cut patterns or eye-catching white printed designs.

Cut patterns are created by computer cutting the design or pattern from the frosted film, creating a see-through area in the panel. As the patterned area will be clear, with no film, it’s important to take this into consideration if you are purchasing your cut patterned window film for privacy purposes.

The other possibility for decorative privacy films and Frostbrite is our stunning range of white printed designs. These designs are created by printing in brilliant white ink, using state of the art print equipment to ensure a perfect, pin sharp recreation of the design you choose.

Add an extra element of style with designer collections

The Window Film Company also offer a range of exclusive designer collaborations, featuring patterns created in conjunction with a host of established and popular designers, illustrators and artists. As with cut patterns and our white printed designs, these orders are created to the exact sizes you supply at the time of purchase (simply enter the measurements you require on the product page and your price will be automatically displayed) with the pattern scaled too best fit the panel you order, with the film itself cut using state of the art computer cutting technology to ensure a precision finish.

The picture below demonstrates just how well patterned window film designs work in this period property, acting as a great modern alternative to net curtains, preventing passers by from seeing in through the windows while adding a very stylish look to the room.

Window Film Decorative Patterns

Other privacy and obscure glass solutions

In addition to our range of decorative patterns and Frostbrite frosted film, we’re proud to offer a number of other privacy solutions, suitable for use in your home or the office. One-way daytime privacy can be achieved by using our specialist reflective film.

Applied to the internal face of the glass (external grade films are available should fitting too the inside of the glass not be possible) the film works by giving the outside face of your window a mirrored appearance during daylight hours, preventing a view from the outside in. During the daytime, those passing by your glass or window will be greeted with their reflection, while those inside will still be able to see out. The film has also been specially developed to ensure excellent levels of light transmission through into the property, unlike some other lower quality adhesive vinyls and window stickers.

If you are looking for a product that will block the view from both sides of the glass, as well as stopping the light, The Window Film Company offers a range of solid vinyls that will do exactly that. Available in a collection of vibrant colours, this film will transform the appearance of your glass to have a solid colour finish, blocking both the view and any natural light. This solution is obviously only suitable in certain situations and isn’t advisable for use on some types of glass. To ensure that you find the correct privacy situation for you and your windows, we recommend talking to one of our experts by calling 01494 794477 or email info@windowfilm.co.uk.

Fitting your window film for privacy

It is possible to successfully fit your new privacy window film with no prior experience and is relatively easy to apply with nothing more than a few standard household items. The first step is to ensure your window is as clean as possible. Please take the time to thoroughly wash and check the pane for any traces of dirt or anything else that could get between the surface of the window and the film. In short, the cleaner the window, the better the installation will be.

The next step is to create a soapy water solution by adding a few drops of washing up liquid to a plant spray bottle full of water. Use the spray bottle to cover the window with soapy water, before removing the backing sheet from your window film and doing the same to the exposed surface of the film. Make sure that both the window and the surface of the window film are fully covered with water, before taking the film to the glass and allowing it to flow into place.

Thee soapy water will act as a slip solution, allowing you to position the film correctly before using the application squeegee (supplied free of charge with each order) to push the excess water to the edge of the frame. Use a clean, dry cloth to mop up the remaining moisture and your install is complete!

If you’d rather not attempt the filming yourself, then you can take advantage of our nationwide fitting service. Our teams of fully qualified and vastly experienced installers are on hand to ensure that you get the benefits of privacy window film without having to worry about the fitting side of things. For more details on this service, a quote, samples of our films or details on any of the products supplied and installed by The Window Film Company, please call 01494 794477 or email info@windowfilm.co.uk.