How To Fit Stained Glass Window Film

How to install stained glass effect window film: Video Fitting Instructions

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Welcome to our video fitting instructions for stained glass effect window film from The Window Film Company. We recommend taking the time to watch the video carefully before beginning your installation.

The video provides a step by step guide on how to get a perfect window film installation; please follow the steps carefully and also take note of the tools you will need to fit the film. Most of the required tools are household items, but you will need a craft knife to trim the film to fit your window film.

Please visit the stained glass effect window film page to view the full collection of stylish window films in this range.

Each order is delivered by courier and comes complete with a free plastic application squeegee and full printed fitting instructions. If you have any questions about the application of your stained glass window film, please call a member of The Window Film Company team on 01494 794477 before attempting installation.