Does Solar Window Film Work on Windows?

Information about how solar film works on windows.

Does Solar Window Film Work on Windows

Solar window film reduces solar heat gain and is designed specifically to work on windows and standard glazing. The film works by reducing heat and glare, which in turn prevents the steady build-up of heat getting through the window throughout the day, that can end up making your home, office or workplace uncomfortably hot.

Everyone has experienced it at some stage. Being inside during warmer weather can be unbearable. Not just because you’d rather be outside instead of inside at work, but because higher temperatures can quickly lead to your home or premises overheating. Left unchecked or untreated, windows and glazing allow heat to enter rooms, incrementally raising the internal temperature until eventually it is too uncomfortable to enjoy or is damaging to productivity and morale.

An application of solar control window film will work to provide an immediate, cost-effective and long-lasting solution. Solar reflective film blocks in some cases up to 99% of UV rays , but without reducing the amount of visible light to the naked eye.

1)     What is a solar control window film?

Solar control window film is available in a range of grades and types, each with a different performance level. Each film has been specially developed to prevent the steady build-up of excess heat by reflecting away a portion of the sun’s solar energy. By effectively rejecting a percentage of the heat generated by the sun, the film will help stop the internal temperature rising to uncomfortable levels.

It is a retro fitted product, designed to be applied to existing glazing and windows, with the application usually being to the internal face of the glass.

2)     How does solar control window film work?

Once applied, the external face of the film will take on a reflective appearance during daylight hours. It’s this reflectivity that serves to bounce away a percentage of the sun’s energy before it has a chance to pass through the glass and add to the internal temperature. The film will still allow warmth and light to pass through the glass, ensuring that your property doesn’t feel cold, instead serving to block excess heat.

3)     How will solar control window film make my windows look?

The majority of solar control window films offered by The Window Film Company have a reflective external appearance during daylight hours. There are a number of different films available, each with a different aesthetic finish and level of performance, so to discuss the solar control film that works best for you, also if you would like to discuss a professional installation, we recommend calling one of our friendly team on 01494 794477 or by emailing

From the internal side, your window will look slightly different. Imagine you have placed a light pair of sunglasses onto your glass and you’ll have an idea of what to expect! The film has been specially developed to allow natural light to pass through your glass, while during daylight hours, the view to the outside will also be maintained.

4)     Better than blinds or curtains.

Solar control window film is a far more effective solution than blinds and curtains for a number of reasons. Firstly, the film stops excess heat from passing through the glass and into the room. This isn’t the case with curtains and blinds, both of which are set back from the glass, thus allowing solar energy to enter the room and add to the heat.

In addition, closing curtains and blinds blocks both the view and natural light – not something you would ideally do when the weather outside is bright and enjoyable. Window film is also easy to maintain and clean. While blinds or curtains can be tricky to keep clean and dust free, while window film can simply be cleaned in the same way you’d clean an untreated window. Simple!

Solar control window film also offers additional benefits such as UV (fade) protection and glare reduction, while in large commercial premises, an application of window film can result in large cost savings, with buildings less reliant on expensive air conditioning for maintaining a cooler and more comfortable internal environment.

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